How To Clean DPF Filter

How to Clean DPF Filter?


There are several approaches on how to clean DPF filter and it definitely depends on what kind of filter you will be dealing with. Manufacturers have their own differences in cleaning active and passive filters. Certified service providers are the one authorized in cleaning DPF filters. There are particular guidelines given by those manufacturers to their certified service providers to ensure the proper cleaning of the filters as well as maintaining its long life. Certified service providers are experts when it comes to DPF filter cleaning so you don’t have to worry about this matter.


How to Clean DPF Filter? – Econix DPF-A


The method on how to clean DPF Filter is actually eliminating soot build up or trapped particulate matter through oxidizing. This process is performed by putting the filter into a kiln and bakes it at high temperature at a given length of time. If you are dealing with Econix DPF-A, you need to know the cause of soot accumulation because this will be the basis on how to clean DPF filter. Since Econix DPF-A is an active type of filter, oxidizing soot accumulation should occur during the process of regeneration. The cleaning of the Econix DPF-A is actually recommended once a year unless there is any unusual accumulation.


How to Clean DPF Filter? – Econix DPF-A Cleaning Procedure


So, How to Clean DPF Filter?

There are actually several ways on how to properly clean the Econix DPF-A filter. The modular design of the Econix DPF-A filter makes it much easier to remove and reinstall.


  1. Remove the filter from the burner.
  2. Weigh it and record the weight into the sheet.
  3. Manually Inspect the soot build up.
  4. Wash the filter using pressurized water.
  5. Examine the filter if it has some residual conglomerate particulate matter.
  6. Bake into a kiln (6-8 hrs) at specific temperature.
  7. Remove the excess ashes by using a vacuum.
  8. Make sure to remove all the particulate matter by visually inspecting the filter.
  9. Reinstall the DPF filter to the burner carefully.


How to Clean DPF Filter? – Certified Service Providers


Certified Service Providers will help you and also give you some guidelines on how to clean DPF filter. Certified Service Providers along with their partners have undergone training and acquire Econix certification to guarantee the proper maintenance of the filters. They have been given the appropriate tools and procedures to promote personal safety and lengthen the life of the filters and your vehicle.  Finding Certified Service Providers is so easy. Just call 877-4ECONIX (877-432-6649) or simply click here.










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