DPF Cleaning Equipment

DPF Cleaning Equipment

You will find DPF cleaning equipment online or in different advertisement. These equipments are actually in a form of machines that has been tested and proven its capability for years. These machines provide assurance to the quality of its results.

You will know if the DPF has accumulated significant amount of particulate matter if the warning light is ON. Regeneration will need to takes place. There are instructions that you need to follow to complete this process. However, cleaning DPF for huge vehicles like trucks, transit, train, and the like is much hassle free if it could be done by DFP cleaning equipment.

DPF cleaning equipment performs two levels of cleaning procedure. The first level of cleaning is done by blowing ashes out of the filter using specific equipment that’s specialized with this process to make sure the surface of the filter is systematically cleaned.  The second level would be the thermal process. To perform this, an equipment is used which is called the trap burner. This equipment will remove residual soot by using a controlled heat without causing any damage to the filter.

DPF Cleaning Equipment – The Process of Cleaning

The widely used DPF cleaning equipment is consist of trap tester, trap blaster, ash and soot collection and trap burner. Here is the step by step procedure in using these equipments.

  1. The serial number of the filter should be recorded.
  2. Inspect the filter visually to find any damage or defects.
  3. Use the trap tester to test the air flow of the filter and record the results.
  4. The filter should go to level one pneumatic cleaning.
  5. Again test the filter’s air flow through trap tester and make a comparison base on the recorded data. By doing this, you will have an idea if additional cleaning will be needed. If the filter has been cleaned through this process, then it’s done. But if it’s not, then proceed to the next step.
  6. Do the second level cleaning, the thermal process.
  7. Go back to the first level of cleaning so eliminate ashes from the thermal cleaning.
  8. Test again the air flow of the filter. Make a comparison with the baseline chart to see the results. Keep a record, repack and it’s done!

DPF Cleaning – Certified Service Providers

If you need help with regards to DPF cleaning, our certified service providers are very much willing to render their service for you. They have proper training and certification that can assure quality results. Find one near you by calling 877-432-6649.




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