Diesel Particulate Filter Cost

Diesel Particulate Filter Cost

If you own a diesel car and your daily journey involves driving around town, dropping the kids off to school then driving by the corner Starbucks close to the office for your coffee, then driving back to pick up the kids, going to the grocery and then heading back home. Chances are you will get a blocked up engine and you will have to consider diesel particulate filter cost.

Your special engine has a diesel particulate filter or DPF that acts like a “soot catcher”. After catching all these black soot for over a period of time (depending on how often you use it) it will then “cough” it all out in one go. If it has been a while since you have driven in a maintained speed on a decent run like that of a highway driving, then your DPF will not be able to clear itself of the soot. What should you do? You can try going on a long run, to see if it can regenerate back and clear the DPF off the soot. If it doesn’t work, you have two options; you can either replace it with a new DPF or remove the whole system all together.

Replace it or Remove it?

Removal is generally more cost effective than replacing the DPF. But no, you cannot just do it on your own.  In fact you should first check the law in the state you are in if it is legal to do so. If you can do it, then it is good news because you will spend less. If you are going through with the removal process consider the serious work that you need to do to remove this system. Sometimes a car may even be built around this system and some remapping needs to be done. It is wiser to just take it to your workshop specialist where they have all the tools, computer software and machines to remove it safely. So how much does diesel particulate filter cost? Generally, it is around $1,000-$1,700 which also includes the diagnostic health checks and final road tests.

Now you are still not convinced with the removal process so you want to go with replacing the DPF system. After all, it does claims to be more eco friendly. You have to be prepared to cash out around $2,000 – $5,000 because most of the time this isn’t covered by insurance. Also, you have to consider your driving style. It doesn’t make any sense spending thousand of dollars just to repeat the same thing. You can’t drive it sporadically.

In conclusion, there probably isn’t any quick fix to the problem. Removing the DPF might be closer to a solution but what about the harmful fumes? How about just looking into the proper care of your engines instead? DPF system cleaning only costs around $350-$500, far less compared to it’s replacement.

Diesel Particulate Filter Price

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