Diesel Particulate Filter

Diesel Particulate Filter

A diesel particulate filter is a device that acts similarly to the catalytic convertor of your car. It traps particulate matter contained in diesel exhaust and prevents it from distribution into the air. The particulate matter is later burned off during the regeneration process which can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 8 hours depending on the brand of dpf. There are two types of filters, active and passive. The Econix diesel particulate filter is an active filter and normally regenerates in less than 10 minutes.

Diesel Particulate Filter– Active and Passive

A passive diesel particulate filter can be used for heavy-duty diesel vehicles that have a duty cycle similar to long haul trucks. The long drive time cycle and engine load allow exhaust temperatures within the diesel particulate filter to reach the required temperature to allow particulate matter to burn naturally without the injection of diesel fuel an equivalent accelerant.

An active diesel particulate filter is generally needed for heavy-duty diesel vehicles that have a duty cycle requiring multiple stops or idling, such as garbage trucks, local delivery vehicles, street sweepers and cranes. Long idling periods and multiple stops do not allow for the exhaust temperatures within the diesel particulate filter to reach the required temperature to ignite the trapped particulate matter without an external heat source or the manual injection of an accelerant.

Diesel Particulate Filter – Econix DPF-A

The Econix DPF-A is an active, metal-mesh substrate, level 3+, CARB verified, diesel particulate filter that reduces PM emissions by at least 85%. The excess particulate matter is trapped in the metal-mesh substrate portion of the filter during engine operation. To clear out the trapped PM the filter must be “regenerated”. Regenerating the Econix diesel particulate filter is as simple as bringing the vehicle to an idling state and pushing a button. Fuel is injected into the burner section of the filter system in order to build heat. The heat causes the particulate matter to safely ignite and burn off.  The internal metal-mesh substrate allows for fast heating and cooling so the regeneration process is normally completed in 10 minutes or less, allowing your vehicle to be up and running again quickly.

BE Econix Safety Device – First DPF Safety Device on the Market

Any DPF has the potential to become overloaded and compromise the filter substrate because of the nature of what the DPF is intended to do. If a DPF filter does become overloaded it has the possibility of having an uncontrolled thermal event resulting in damage to the filter or to other items in the surrounding area. The BE Econix safety device monitors the filter backpressure and temperature to identify any condition which could cause an uncontrolled thermal event. If such a condition is identified the safety valve closes and prevents or stops the event from occurring.

BE Econix DPF Safety Device

BE Econix DPF Safety Device

Diesel Particulate Filter – Authorized Econix Distributors

Knowing which diesel particulate filter is right for your fleet can be time consuming and confusing. Authorized Econix Distributors, are knowledgeable about the industry and take pride in helping fleet owners cut through the confusion and determine if the Econix DPF-A is the right choice. To find an Authorized Econix Distribution Partner near you call 877-4ECONIX (877-432-6649) or click here.


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